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There are hazards in many different industries, and the same is true for pressure washing. While you may not have personally experienced an injury from power washing, they can present health risks if operated without proper precautions and PPP. When power washing, you should make sure you are wearing safety boots that are comfortable, but can help protect you from any sort of work-related injury such as slips and falls.

Of course, waterproof boots can also be helpful in a variety of other situations. These selected waterproof boots can be great for power washing, and you can also wear them in other applications, such camping, skiing, fishing, or hiking. They also may come in handy when you need boots to navigate wet or muddy conditions. Pressure washers also may want to consider the setting: industrial power washing may necessitate different waterproof boots than residential pressure washing, for example.

Regardless, here are some of the best waterproof boots for power washing that you should consider.

Why Are Waterproof Boots Important?

Many pressure washers can pressure wash without wearing boots, but it is a risk that doesn’t need to be taken. A pressure wash has to be incredibly powerful so that it can remove dirt and debris. Even if you are extremely careful, there are also chemicals involved in power washing that can affect your skin and overall health.

Some pressure washers might prefer to work in sandals, but many experts will tell you that this is a grave mistake. If you are pressure washing and slip in your sandals – you also risk the safety of your co-workers if you lose control of the power washing wand. Pressure washers should be wearing a long-sleeve shirt and pants to prevent possible injuries and lacerations, as well. Waterproof boots not only keep your feet dry, but it also keeps them safe from physical and chemical injuries.

What To Look For In Boots

There is nothing wrong with wanting someone comfortable boots, but pressure washers should be looking primarily at boots that can keep them safe and protect them from injuries. Boots are meant to protect you not just from high-pressure water – in some cases; boots will have to withstand particularly hot water, or hazardous chemicals (depending on the job). Some boots also have additional features to ensure that your sock remains dry, even if your boot gets wet.

Some boots offer more protection from water than others, although this might take some research such as reading online user reviews. Many boots might market themselves as waterproof or water-resistant, but it should be noted that there is no objective footwear industry standard for these claims. Some pressure washers may prefer a steel toe for extra protection while others may care more about their waterproof boots’ overall durability and affordability.

Of course, waterproof boots should be as durable as possible! No one wants to purchase boots only to find that they have completely fallen apart after a month. Lastly, pressure washers will consider style as an additional factor. You may want a particular style of toe and sole, which can also affect your decision.

Waterproof boots don’t have to be uncomfortable, or even ugly. Here are some excellent waterproof boots that can help you the next time that you are power washing:

Tingley’s Economy Kneed Boot

Some pressure washers might be interested in wearing some protective boots but don’t want to spend a lot of money to find a reliable boot. In this case, the Tingley’s Economy Kneed Boot is an incredible and affordable choice. These boots offers 100% waterproof protection thanks to injection molded construction, and the cleated outsole helps when it comes to “spitting out” extra debris. These boots were actually created for the agriculture sector, but it definitely gets the job done for pressure washing.

comfortable rugged work boots ideal for pressure washing

Some have pointed out that this boot isn’t as durable as other pressure washing boots, but it will help protect your feet without weighing too much on your wallet. Also, the Tingley’s Economy Kneed Boot is known to fit snugly and will keep your feet dry as you do your job.

VW40 Viking High Pressure Water Jet Boot

If you are going to get some waterproof boots for power washing, why not purchase some boots that were actually DESIGNED for the job? You can also maneuver in these boots, knowing that they can handle up to 40,000 PSI (pressure per square inch)! This boot’s adjustable nylon guard also helps with additional protection from water and debris.

The VW40 Viking High-Pressure Water Jet Boot also features an NBR-sole that makes it slip-resistant, ideal for pressure washers dealing with lots of chemicals and/or water. The boot also comes with AMC socks, which might help pressure washers justify the higher price.


One of the big advantages here is that this waterproof boot also offers both chemical and abrasion resistance. The boot also has a convenient sock insert that keeps your feet comfortable even though the boot is constructed for maximum protection. This waterproof boot is also unique because it offers electric shock resistance (up to 18kV). The VW40 Viking High Pressure Water Jet Boot might be a bit more expensive than the competition, but it’s easy to see why with all that it offers.

Rugged Shark Fishing Deck Boots


These Rugged Shark boots might be designed for fishing decks, but they are also a great waterproof boot choice for pressure washers. It is a bit more expensive than other affordable options, but these rubber waterproof boots do have some significant advantages. First and foremost, these Rugged Shark Fishing Deck boots are incredibly comfortable and also feature a removable “Cushioned Water Friendly Interior Footbed.” These boots are designed to remain comfortable, even for pressure washers that are standing up all day.

There’s also a Rugged Shark guarantee that makes these boots even more valuable: Rugged Shark will replace your boots for free if a leak happens to spring up. For pressure washers that want to keep their feet dry, this can provide peace of mind that cheaper waterproof boots may not be able to offer. The boots also feature a slip-resistant rubber sole for safety purposes.

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